Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Summer Reading List

Spring semester is almost over, and even though I signed up for one sessional Summer course, I'll be done in June and will have TWO AND A HALF glorious months to read whatever the heck I want! I've already been thinking about my Summer reading list and I have a lot of ground to cover if I'm going to meet my goal of reading 100 books this year. I have a lot of anticipated series with books being released in the next couple of months and I have this OCD complex about re-reading series before I finish them off if it's been a while since I read them. I need to experience the full series as a whole. Sooo, here is my list, so far, of what I plan to read this summer! (In relative order) 


So The Grisha Trilogy was my ultimate favourite series I started last year, and I'm so insanely excited for Ruin and Rising to be released on June 17. I'm going to need to re-read the first two before then so I can enjoy the conclusion even more than I already know I will! 


I love the beautiful writing style of Tahereh Mafi (and I really just love her in general, have you seen her on Instagram?!). This series is so great, instead of seeing a character start whole and end up broken, we get to see an emotionally-damaged Juliette grow and fight and become strong. I read the first two over a year ago and need to refresh my memory to finally read Ignite Me, which came out in January.

It's about time I get into the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series. Seriously, I need to wedge my way into this fandom because I've heard so many good things. I read the first book last summer within a single day and really enjoyed the humour, so I'd like to at least read the rest of this series and see what all this fuss is about!

In the summer, I need a hefty little fantasy paperback like this one to really sink my teeth into once my brain is done with school. I've heard nothing but positive feedback about this series.


This is probably my second favourite series of all time (next to HP, what else?). I love Katsa, the strong, smart, and feisty heroine who discovers her true powers on a quest in this strange and beautiful fantasy world. What a fantastic series, I've been raving about it to everyone since I read it last year and I want to re-read it to experience it again. That's how amazing it is. This girl doesn't put up with the bad attention she gets from men, and it's great.

I read the first two books in this series this past summer/fall and I remember the plot well enough to jump straight into the conclusion. I've been avoiding spoilers on this one for a while now!

I read The Selection and The Elite only this past Fall and I liked them SO much more than I expected to! I thought they would be too much like The Bachelor but they really weren't. I'm 100% Team Maxon and I'm so concerned about how this series is going to end! :S It comes out May 6!

Oh my goodness you guys, if you are a fan of John Green or Rainbow Rowell, you have to read this book. I read it in one sitting because I loved it so damn much. Talk about a progressive way of looking at romance and love. So great to see the themes in this novel on a teen book shelf. Just great. I have to re-read it. If you take any recommendation from this list at all, let it be this one.


In my rush to finish Allegiant when it first came out, I don't think I appreciated it as much as I could have. This series has been one of my favourites since Divergent was first released and I want to fully experience it. I also want to re-read it with the perspective I have after knowing the ending now. I also want to read the Four novellas, I didn't read them before because his perspective was so hard for me to get into, but after Allegiant I think I can.

This sounds fantastic and is getting a lot of hype at work right now. Read the synopsis and you'll see what I mean. A dystopian world with classes and a hero driven by a longing for justice, this is my kind of book.

I found this one through someone on Instagram and I'm really excited about it! I loved Ready Player One and Under the Never Sky because of the futuristic technology and virtual reality aspects, so adding this to my summer reading list was a no-brainer for me.

This is another one everyone on Instagram has been talking about. A contemporary romance about a summer road-trip? I need a book like this every summer :)

I read this book in only a couple days last summer, it is so much fun. After recommending it to everyone, I've gotten myself excited to re-read it this summer. It's got virtual reality, an imperfect and likeable underdog, a badass girl, and basically the entire plot is set in a video game.

I noticed the beautiful cover of this one at work a few months ago and I've seen reviews of this one on quite a few blogs lately. I love quirky and slow-moving plots that I can just enjoy without worrying about suspense. I've also heard this is a beautiful story, a perfect book for me to enjoy during the slow summer months.

Usually I read Harry Potter every summer, but I don't think I'll have time this year! If I do, that's what I'll add to the bottom of this list:) Below is a picture of what I read a couple summers ago:

What are you guys reading this summer? Do you have a book that you read every year like me? :)

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